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Hello! If you are reading this I hope your day or evening is going well. I am Sasha, a natural blonde Russian escort in Ibiza. Naturally I enjoy fine art and beautiful things which is why I am currently studying Artistry and fashion design . Initially it is the beauty that the eye captures which sets the precedent for what is to come, after that the mind has to decipher whether you are appealing or not. I try my best to have my personality to appear front and center because anyone can offer physical attractiveness, however not everyone offers the experience you seek. I am physically fit and wellness is apart of my daily routine. I stand at 168cm with natural breast and mile long legs. I thrive from comfortable vibes and I appreciate serenity. As I have mentioned before I am currently enrolled in school, I am career driven and I have also done quite a bit of modeling. History happens to be my favorite subject and I am always up for a good healthy debate, everyone always jokingly says I should have been a lawyer. I am the type of girl where you can let your guard down, relax, take a load off, be whatever you want just be yourself and I will respect and enjoy our time together. Im very cultural and embrace all cultures as long as you are a gentlemen. In the intimacy, you will find in me a perfect partner. I love all the warm up games and enjoy them over the limits. I provide full service, meaning that you can ask me everything you can imagine. That is me! Your open minded girl in Ibiza.

Contact: +34615761090

  • Age22
  • Weight52
  • Height168
  • Breast size1

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