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Hello! I am Jane! Rather you are seeking just some time out of your normal activitys or a relaxing getaway from the normal world to a evening out you have found your perfect Russian escort in Ibiza. I am currently a 23 years old girl. My breast are perfect the way they are. I am not a Frankenstein project. So there are no cuts or scars from plastic surgery! No offense to you girls who choose to have implants and alter your bodys! Someone recently asked my dress size well at the moment it is a 12 -14 The size is eight sizes smaller then when I started a few years ago! I never will be a toothpick or a tiny little Barbie doll. I am a sophisticated 23 year old girl. I am quite happy with my appearance! I am a very sexy girl who is confident with myself. I have beautiful eyes sexy silky shiny thick long hair that hangs to my hips, skin that feels like silk. I have great personality. I have been told that I have a great deposition, I can fit into almost any situation with out being uncomfortable. I am great at keeping your secretes and passing no judgment. I am completely happy having a little more to love and hold on to! I am also happy with being me! I do shave when requested. Others its now natural due to a larger demand. There may be an occasion to where a friend has requested it to be shaven. Please take that into consideration and ask in advance!

Contact: +34615761090

  • Age23
  • Weight54
  • Height169
  • Breast size2

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