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Hello! I am Anita, a Russian escort in Ibiza prepared to make real all your dreams. I was blessed with the kind of figure that you cant get enough of - spectacular breasts that will make your mouth water; a round, firm derriere that does not lie; a tiny waist that you have to see to believe; athletic legs ready to wrap themselves around you; thick, wavy hair that you’ll want to grab and a smile that will charm you every time. I have never been touched by a plastic surgeon- I remain 100% all natural with curves. I can go at once from a string bikini to jeans and a t-shirt to an elegant cocktail dress, looking scathingly hot in every ensemble. Glossy lips and fragrance always top an outfit. Bodies like mine dont get much sexier and chances are you will be addicted from the beginning! I look for real connections, riveting reads, vintage wine, an orgasmic meal, conversation like foreplay. Am I speaking your language? (If not, I am bilingual. Just let me know and "podemos probar con otro idioma, ver si funciona".) I am the kind of girl who can merge seamlessly from a lazy walk on the beach to an erotic evening of reckless passion. I have often been told I am mature for my age, though I am still free spirited and youthful. I enjoy laughing and smiling, and making others around me do the same. As a genuine listener who will eagerly take in the details of your week, I will make you forget them all with a long, deep kiss (and that's only the beginning). A noticeable romantic side sets the theme for relationships that tend to carry on because they flow so easily.

Contact: +34615761090

  • Age22
  • Weight53
  • Height170
  • Breast size2

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